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    Refuge At Alpine

    The Refuge! A Refuge on this earth - yes, in Alpine, Wyoming. This is the latest project love of mine. After spending a lifetime searching for chunks of space where God left some heaven on this earth – and intimately enjoying many of them - I have found one of the very, very best.  That is in the context of many things – including attributes, advantages, conveniences, access, activities, freedoms, and some total joys.  I have found a place one can relax and enjoy year round in multiple dimensions in every season – all four complete in their participation and each of which is unique.

    The place I found is in a quaint city, in the heart of a stunning Country.  This is a place of serenity, comforts, an astounding surrounding, and incredible security with the lowest tax base in the country.  It is all wrapped up in one amazing package. It is as close to Teton Village and the Jackson Hole Ski Resort as the Jackson Airport, and best of all, you can fly direct to your front door. This just simply is one of the real and rare deals in our America.

    My interest in the area led me to purchase a 65-acre parcel of land right adjacent to the end of runway 13.  50+ homes with  hangers have been built on the Alpine Airpark’s 6,000 ft. runway over the past several years.  Now comes the Refuge -  the first of 2+ acre lots for the distinction of the world’s greatest residential address that may be the last to be connected to an airport.

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    Growing up on a farm, I understood the benefits of microfinance. I was a product of microfinance myself; small loans and a helping hand that enabled hard working people to thrive and improve their lives and that of their children.  My conviction is people who work for themselves and provide for their family earn not only the means to sustain, but also the integrity and appreciation of their own human dignity. It became clear to me early on that the movement of microfinance was near and dear to me. It didn’t offer a way out, but it did allow a way up.

    My belief in the power of Microfinance led me to start my own non-profit organization called Race4Change, which uses the East African Safari Rally as a platform to raise money for some of the most innovative and significant microfinance institutions around the world. They include Kiva, the Microcredit Summit, Jamii Bora, and Women's World Banking. I urge you to familiarize yourself with the world of microfinance and get involved.

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    Imperial Parking

    Imperial Parking is one of the largest parking management companies in Asia. Imperial Parking in Hong Kong and China is a privately owned sister to Imperial Parking in North America. Imperial Parking was a small regional parking operation that was built under my leadership to be the dominant car parking manager in Canada and one of the largest operators in North America.  That business was sold to a private equity firm and the Asian operations retained by Dr. Funk and his longtime Hong Kong based partner, Laurence Tse in 2007.

    Over the past ten years, expansion in the U.S. has continued at a rapid pace, including major projects such as an agreement with the San Francisco Giants to develop and manage 4,900 parking spaces surrounding the new Pacific Bell Stadium (now AT&T Park), Miller Park in Milwaukee, Turner Field in Atlanta, and Citi Field in New York.

    In Asia, Imperial Parking manages some 30,000 stalls in 125 locations.  The market in Hong Kong and immediate surrounding presents an unprecedented depth for continued growth, expansion, and opportunities to build into associated verticals in the sector.

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    Balam Jungle

    The Balam Jungle Estates, uninhabited since the Golden Age of the Mayan Indians (circa 900AD) is an area that currently consists of 53,000 acres of land located in the Corozal District of Belize, Central America. With over 10 miles of sandy Caribbean beachfront, thousands of acres of lush tropical hardwood forests, and phenomenal biodiversity levels, the potential for this property is seemingly endless.

    In 1998, we successfully establish a localized network of support that solidified into a management team that continues to handle local operations to this day. Through evolving knowledge and experience our efforts created a multidimensional development project for a multimillion dollar piece of property.

    We are proud to have employed numerous local professionals, specialists, and service providers. We continue to generate local employment opportunities while implementing initiatives that boost value. To date, we have inventoried the lands assets, assessed the property’s diverse flora & fauna, built over 30 miles of minimally invasive marl roadway, and have implemented a government approved, master-planned subdivision / marketing program to promote sustainable land use.

    By working diligently alongside the Government of Belize we’ve successfully expanded the scope of this dynamic project while creating a stable environment for business transactions. We continue to nurture our partnerships - from the Belizean Prime Minister to international investors - and optimize our ongoing management strategies. It is our hope to fully reveal the massive potential of the Balam Jungle Estates to anyone interested in creating their own paradise in Belize.

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    With Masters and Medical degrees, a private pilot’s license, a ticket on the upcoming Virgin Galactic space flights, two East African Safari Rallies and a Baja 1000 finish in his pocket, 30 off road motorcycle excursions, a marathon, a state champion athlete, a college scholarship winner, a plethora of business experiences, and many unforgettable stories, international entrepreneur, philanthropist, and all-round nomadic adventurer, Dr. Steven C. Funk, has come a long way from his Iowa farm boy roots.

    Pursuing a career in oral surgery in a residency at Vancouver General Hospital, a chance social conversation persuaded Steven to take a one year sabbatical. Residency in one of Canada’s foremost teaching hospitals was traded for an apprenticeship with a pair of the country’s most successful property investors, and prolific entrepreneurs - Nelson Skalbania and Peter Thomas.

    Funk, over the course of his career, built operating interests in three countries to market leadership positions.  Today, alongside a 53,000-acre rainforest eco-estate in Central America, Dr. Funk focuses on philanthropic endeavors and private investments.

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    Business Background

    Dr. Steven C. Funk is the founder and current or former controlling shareholder of Aspen Properties Ltd., Imperial Parking Ltd., Imperial Parking (Hong Kong) Ltd., Canadian Maple Leaf Financial Corporation, and the Canadian Maple Leaf Fund Management group. He was a Director and Member of Investment Committee at The Dignity Fund and is the founder and former Chairman of Grand Marais Investments Ltd., a private equity investment company. Funk is a member of the World President’s Organization, a director of the WPO Foundation, a YPO Alumni, and a founder-officer of the President’s Action Network Chapter of YPO/WPO. He is and founder of PAN within YPO ( PAN is the arm of the 22,000 member strong international YPO and WPO organizations dedicated to empowering and leveraging the positive global difference in our world that can be made by Presidents and CEO’s. PAN initiatives today are of tremendous international importance in fostering peace and prosperity in areas of conflict and need.

    Funk was also a founding director of the highly acclaimed microfinance accelerator, Unitus (, founded and led by Mike Murray and Geoff Davis. He is also a founding financier of the specialized social investment banking firm, Unitus Capital. Funk is a former director of the Canada China Business Council, a founding member of the Red Cross Sheldon Kennedy Foundation for Abused Children, and has been active participant in the Prince of Wales Foundation. He has Chaired the Advisory Board to the Microcredit Summit, led by the inveterate Sam Daley-Harris. He is also the Chief Executive Advocate and founder of Race4Change (

    Funk has 30 years of experience in international corporate debt, equity investment, and real estate ownership and development. Funk built the largest fund management business in Investor Category Immigrant Funds to Canada, acquired Imperial Parking and built its operations into one of the top three dominant car park management companies in North America and founded Aspen Properties in 1995, which built from a standing start the ownership and management of one of the largest portfolios of office commercial real estate in Western Canada today.

    Today, Funk manages his private investment group, Funk Partners through Funk Holdings. He engages in private financial management as well as philanthropic endeavors, with an emphasis on microfinance initiatives. His focus has been on international private equity and real estate investment, with a weighting in real estate acquisition, ownership, and development. He he also passionate and proud member of the XPrize Foundation Innovation Board (, led by Peter Diamandis.

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    Steve Funk is the proud father of four boys and one girl. His three oldest sons, Nathan, Trevor and Morgan are up and coming film directors and founders of Funk Factory Films, a production company based in Santa Monica. They have fulfilled content creation commitments to notable companies like Nike, Hogan, Clae Footwear, Target, Belikin Beer, Rodarte and GoPRO. You can see their work and follow their careers at

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  • Philantropy

    Philanthropy was something I came to know when I was very young. I grew up in a relatively poor rural community in the Midwest – on a farm. There you find a general supporting hand within the community and its people, particularly the neighbors around you. Whether a broken piece of machinery, being stuck in a snowdrift, or a family crisis, a helping hand seemed always near. The hand was a helping hand to lift yourself up, not a hand out, and nothing was ever asked of you for the help you received.

    I learned that when you help someone, and you offer them respect and dignity that they become empowered. You can help others get back on their feet, and enjoy a wonderful sense of satisfaction. Our community was about giving, supporting, building – based in a faith.

    As I grew older, I never lost that foundation nor that satisfaction in offering a hand up to others. Leadership roles in college, community service, and guiding specific initiatives have been themes in my life. At the turn of the century, I was clear in my thinking that handouts fulminate dependency, whereas a helping hand up created self-respect and independence that, most often, would be further shared.

    I met a man in the year 2000 named Sam Daley-Harris. He was hopelessly committed to a cause of ending poverty on the planet in his lifetime and selflessly committed to women’s empowerment. Sam was leading a group called the Microcredit Summit – an organization that I equated to the Davos of microfinance and women’s empowerment through microfinance. I engaged with Sam, then a group called Unitus, and then many groups from Women’s World Banking to Kiva to Jamii Bora in Kenya over the ensuing years to build capital and launch initiatives in microfinance.

    In 2007, I found myself in a situation where I had the ability and time to make significant contributions to areas of philanthropy I considered important – whether little league baseball, a Children’s hospital, Microfinance, or our exploration into the future with trailblazers like Peter Diamandis or Richard Branson. I’ve always found it important to give back and to do my part in making this world better for future generations.

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